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Thanks Everyone for your great messages! I really appreciate all your kind words!

The Possibilites are endless...

Bicycle Trip Down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)!
July 2012

Meagan had to put a trip together pretty quick - so she chose to do something she's always wanted to do! Bike down the PCH!! She will depart from Victoria, British Columbia and carry-on down to San Diego, California (or thereabouts!)

She is going to take the opportunity to explore the beautiful Pacific Coast: exploring the forests, sand dunes, and beaches!

Yup - she'll be going solo and camping - but she's likely to meet many interesting folks along the way!

With luck, she'll run into a few internet cafes along the way and provide status updates as she goes! And at the very least, she'll post a Trip Report when she returns!

Meagan is Going Away for a While ...
... Expedition Planning Will Continue!

16 June 2012

Meagan will be heading out of Canada for a one-year period. Although she will not be readily available for speaking engagements, life will continue close to normal, in that she will continue to work hard and continue her research and preparations for her upcoming expedition series.

She will announce the expedition series when she has come up with a proper title, but the concept is solid and planning is underway.

Hint: The Desert Expedition seems like it may be the first in the series!!

Meagan is expected back in Canada Summer 2013 - and by then, she should have more info on how things are proceeding!

It's pretty cool - so please stay tuned!!

Meagan is Awarded an Honoray Doctorate of Laws from Laurentian University!
7 June 2012

On 7 June 2012, Meagan was awarded a most humbling honour, an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario.

"When I first received the news, I was overwhelmed! To be recognized in this way for adventuring is unique and I am extremely grateful and humbled. I will do my very best to uphold the intent and meaning of this honour."

Click here for more info!!

Next Expedition Series In-Development !
February 2012

It's time to embark on another adventure! It'll be quite "extreme" and promises to have something for everyone!

Please Stay Tuned - more info will follow shortly!

Success on Ama Dablam!
November 2011

Never one to leave something unfinished, Meagan first attempted Ama Dablam (Nepal) in 2010 - it was too early in the season when she climbed to Camp 2 on the peak, but it was worth a shot!

This time around - she and the team she climbed with "Field Touring Alpine", first acclimatized on nearby mountain, "Island Peak" and then climbed Ama Dablam.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

If you had one year to live the life of your dreams....

What would you do?

1 November 2009 to 31 October 2010

In 2009, Meagan McGrath departed on a journey that promised to be one of those rare and exciting expeditions that tests the will, daring and skill of the adventurer. In a single year, Meagan skied to the South Pole - Solo, and she attempted to climb 5 Himalayan great peaks. Successfully reaching the tops of mountains is the goal when climbing...but sometimes plans have to change based on conditions. Meagan successfully reached the summit of Lhotse, but on the other mountains, weather and time became show-stoppers. "Making intelligent and safe decisions is required if I want to try again - and I do!"

Stay tuned for more adventures!

March to October 2010

Meagan attempted to climb 5 Himalayan peaks over a 7 month period. First attempting Lhotse, with the luck of good weather and a great climbing partner, Pemba, Meagan attained the summit on 23 May 2010. After the success on Lhoste, Meagan travelled to Pakistan to attempt Broad Peak and K2. Unfortunately, a last minute change in the situation with a climbing partner left Meagan in a bind. Fortunately, she was invited to join a larger expedition team, FTA, but she still did not have a climbing "partner". However, the commaradrie of the team and larger logistics structure certainly contributed to a positive experience, compared to if she climbed alone. and for that, she is very grateful to FTA. With a lot of "no summits" under her belt, she was super keen to make Cho Oyu work out...but poor weather conditions put a snag in that plan. "Climbing is a sport that has a lot of variables, many of which are out of your control. If you can't go with the flow and make the necessary safe (and often, unpopular) decisions, you could find yourself severely injured or dead." After having climbed four Himalayan peaks, Meagan had originally planned to climb Shishapangma, but beta (ie information) about the climbed revealed that the mountain was still particularily difficult on the summit ridge - leading to very few summits in past few years. With this info, and the circumstance of few summits, Meagan sought a summit on Ama Dablam, a gorgeous 6812m / 22,349ft peak. However, with time running out on her leave-without-pay, she easily attained high camp (Camp 2 at 6000m / 19,685ft) but had to pack up and make haste to Kathmandu for the return journey to Canada.

Thank you to the Sponsors who helped make Mountain Magic happen!

An adventure like this does not happen without the support and generosity of so many wonderful organizations, companies and private individuals.

I'm so thankful to these individuals and companies who have supported me in this difficult quest. I'm uplifted by the spirit in which these donations were provided to me and I'm very grateful. It was difficult being on the mountain, staring at the summit and knowing that I would not reach my goal, time and time again. But knowing that I had friends and support from home, folks who trusted that I would make the best and safest decision helped me face the "no summit" with dignity. Thank you.

  • Merit Travel Group I first became aquainted with Merit Travel Group when I co-guided an Everest/Gokyo Ri Trek in the Khumbu region of Nepal with them. It was an extremely rewarding experience, and I learned alot about guiding a trekking group! Thank you to Merit, for their support in this exciting climbing adventure - something I know a lot more about!LOL!!

  • LaPrairie Incorporated A supporter of my adventures from the beginning, thank you to LaPrairie Inc.

  • Truffle Treasures whose proprietor, Lara Vaarre, is a dear friend and prepared, not only wonderful truffles for my expedtion, but she also provided me with my sled bag and a home for the year!!

  • Icebreaker whose Merino wool products kept me warm, dry and not very stinky - and I wore the crap out of these clothes! Even after all the adventure I put them through, I'm still able to wear everything!

  • 7 Systems whose endurance supplements kept me healthy during the difficult effort of maintaining physical health in extreme conditions.

  • And of course, a very special mention to all of the Trekking Sponsors who have contributed to the expedition. Without the Trekking sponsors, I'd be in a world of hurt! Thank you for your contributions, you have made a huge difference, and I am very grateful.

  • Danielle Cardinal This woman, is amazing! She organized, with the help of Michelle Nowlan and Kim Fawcett, among others!, a very successful, and fun, fundraiser. A total suprise and super encouraging, I went on my way to the Himalaya knowing I had the support of alot of people!! Thank you to Danielle, and to all who attended this successful event!
  • Qi Wang Actually, a friend of Qi's, named Rell DeShaw, gave Qi a birthday gift of sponsoring me. What a generous and fantastic idea! Thank you Rell and Qi!
  • Linda Rumball
  • Kelly McGrath
  • Patricia Staniforth-Smith
  • Denise Denis
  • Laurie Woods
  • Nicole Chiasson
  • West End HAVC Inc (Toronto, ON)
  • The Capital Roadrunners (Ottawa, ON)

    7 Dec 2009 to 15 Jan 2010

    Meagan successfully skied, solo, over 1095km, unassisted and unsupported to the South Pole, dragging over 200lbs of food, fuel, equipment in a sled for 40 days.

    Thank you to the Sponsors who helped make the Antarctic Odyssey happen!

    An adventure like this does not happen without the support and generosity of so many wonderful organizations, companies and private individuals.

  • I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Science North for their belief in my ability to bring an Antarctic Expedition experience to their visitors. Science North's ability to bring exciting adventures to their visitors is unmatched! I've spent a lot of time at Science North and I've learned alot about the natural environment and in particular, human physiology. This hands-on science centre is Top-Knotch in my books!!

  • Ottawa Orthotic Lab whose orthotics were with me every step of the way to the South Pole!

  • EMS Technologies for the lifeline offered by way of their beacons

  • Iridium whose satellite phone enabled me to communicate with the world easily and without any hassle (even from the bottome of a crevasse!)

  • Truffle Treasures (whose proprietor, Lara Vaarre is a dear friend and prepared, not only wonderful truffles for my expidtion, but she also provided me with my sled bag and a home for the year!!

  • Icebreaker whose Merino wool products kept me warm, dry and not very stinky even though I wore the same shirt for 45 days!! ... I won't tell you about the underwear!

  • 7 Systems whose endurance supplements kept me healthy in during the difficult effort in extreme conditions, and

  • ERA Group who provided me with a sled for the expedition - a sled that held my fall into the crevasse - and was successfully dragged over 1095km in Antarctica! Do not underestimate the Expedition 960 Utility Sled!!

  • And of course, a very special mention to all of the Trekking Sponsors who have contributed to the expedition. Without the Trekking sponsors, I'd be in a world of hurt! I'm so thankful to these individuals who have seen this expedition as something more than a journey to the South Pole...many of them see it as a daring adventure and they hope for my safe return - thank you so much!!
  • Deborah McGrath
  • Mary Neilans
  • Murray Beare
  • Linda Schumacher
  • Steve Mihorean
  • Learning 4 Excellence (Dr Emma Stodel)
  • The Capital Roadrunners (Ottawa, ON)
  • Partner Publishing (Ottawa, ON)

  • And finally, thank you to the Experts who have answered my questions in preparation for this huge expedition:
  • Ray Zahab
  • Richard Weber and Josee Auclair
  • Chrisitan Eide
  • John Huston
  • Margot Talbot

  • Mount Everest Expedition 2007

    Meagan McGrath has successfully climbed Mount Everest, and achieved her goal to climb the "Seven Summits". She became the First Sudburian and the First Canadian Forces member to climb Mount Everest and achieve the Seven Summits. She is also the youngest Canadian Woman to climb the Seven Summits.

    Who is Meagan McGrath?

    Meagan McGrath holds the rank of Major, and is a Regular Member in the Canadian Air Force. She continues to pursue physical challenges that test her skills as an adventurer, her mental and spiritual strength, and her expedition planning abilities.

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    • And so much more...

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    Impossible 2 Possible

    'Impossible2Possible' (i2P) is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, educating, and equipping a generation of global problem solvers to achieve environmental and human sustainability. To this end, i2P hosts "adventures that inspire and educate young people to protect the planet and its people." The goal of i2P is to use adventure to cultivate a generation of young leaders whose direct experience and training prepares them to lead sustainability initiatives. To find out more, please visit:

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