John Huston

I had questions - John had answers. Thank you John for spending time with me and answering my many questions. Your gear suggestions were extremely helpful as I prepared for my expedition. Many, many thanks.

Optimisn, Humility and Responsible Action.

Margot Talbot

I asked Margot a number of questions, especially pertaining to navigation. She knows her stuff, and although I didn't use the sun-method of navigation, I did use my shadow in relation to the sastrugi to maintain my course. Thanks for your help, Margot!

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Ray Zahab

Ray Zahab - if you don't know him - just pick up a major outdoor adventure magazine and he's bound to be inside its pages somewhere! Ray - thank you for all your advice, experience and friendship. You've been generous with your knowledge and I'm so grateful to know you! Folks - Ray is always working on a cool project - be sure to follow him at

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Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

Antarctica. Visit the Last Great Wilderness.

Christian Eide, Norway 

Adventures out of Norway!

Adventures out of Norway! Christian provided me with alot of information. He was keen to share, and it is clear that he loves polar adventures. If you're thinking of a polar expedition, really and truly, Christian would be a star to travel with. Aside from a bevy of valuable information, Christian was also kind enough to send me an "Arctic Bed". This kit is really ingenious! It is a "bag" in which I lay my mattresses and sleeping bag. In the morning, I zip up the bag and lay it on top of my sled, rather than rolling my mattress and stuffing my sleeping bag every morning! Great idea! I can't praise Christian enough. A wonderfully kind man, who is knowledgable of the polar environment and generous in spirit. Thank you for all your help, Christian!

Partner Publishing , Ottawa 

Richard Weber & Josée Auclair

​In addition to expert advice, Richard Weber also helped me to acquire boots and bindings for the expedition. Richard's boots and bindings were perfect for this long, cold expedition. I didn't have to worry about about the bindings - they were durable and I never had a problem! The boots were warm and protected my toes during my entire time in the Antarctic! Richard's boot and binding system is easy to use, strong - and will be the least of your worries on a polar expedition! Be sure to contact Richard if you'd like to get a pair!


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EMS Satcom, Ottawa 

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Science North

Science North is a science centre and family attraction that opened in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada in 1984 and has since welcomed millions of visitors from around the world.

Science North offers a hands-on approach to science that is interactive and exciting!

Growing up in Sudbury, Meagan spent a lot of time at Science North - in fact, her visits to this renowned science centre inspired her to explore the natural world and discover the beauty to be found in all of its extreme environments.

Antarctic Odyssey Partners

Meagan skied solo, over 1095km, unassisted and unsupported to the South Pole, dragging 200+lbs of food, fuel, equipment in a sled for 40 days. Thank you to the awesome partners who supported Meagan in her successful Antarctic expedition:

"First Canadian to Ski Solo to the South Pole!!"

The Capital Roadrunners, Ottawa

Thank you all so much! Your support has been amazing and significant. I would also like to make special mention of the following folks for their participation in organizing the fundraiser:

Long Truong

Suzanne Hotson

Qi Wang

Isabelle Bradbury, architect:

Stubbe Chocolates Ottawa

Ottawa Orthotic Lab

Ottawa Orthotic Lab, the largest in Eastern Ontario, designs and manufactures orthotics and recommends footwear to help active individuals deal with pain and alleviate biomechanical injuries that may result from their sport.

"Active People Helping Active People"

Truffle Treasures

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Trekking Sponsors 

Deborah McGrath

Mary Neilans

Murray Beare

Linda Schumacher

Susan McLoughlin


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