Carstenz Pyramid - Success!

January 2008

Meagan McGrath has returned from Papua, Indonesia having successfully summitted Carstenz Pyramid! Meagan has become the first Canadian woman to climb the Carstenz Pyramid version of the Seven Summits, and she is the only Canadian woman to have completed both versions of the Seven Summits!

Friday Lunch Discussion Club 

22 February 2008

Meagan spoke to a group of remarkable scientists and truly special individuals, at the Friday Lunch Discussion Club, in Ottawa ON. This is a club of different "-ologists" (such as biologist, geologists, etc), so it was fun for Meagan to share her adventures with people who have had so many of their own.

Kiwanis Club of Nepean 

20 February 2008

Meagan spoke to the Kiwanis Club of Nepean. This was a fun evening, as Meagan shared how she got into mountaineering, how she trains, and why she continues to do it.

Governor General of Canada Commendation 

13 February 2008

On 13 February 2008, Meagan received a commendation from the Governor General of Canada. Meagan attended a ceremony at Ottawa City Hall to receive the honour, in recognition of her involvement in the rescue of a climber in the "Death Zone" on Mount Everest in May 2007.

14th Gloucester Scouting Club

6 February 2008

Meagan spoke at the 14th Gloucester Scouting Club in Chapel Hill, Ontario. It was fun speaking with future adventurers!

CTV Sudbury - Carstenz Pyramid Expedition 

2 February 2008

Meagan participated in an interview with CTV in Sudbury, ON. The story focussed on Meagan's return to Sudbury following her Carstenz Pyramid Expedition, and the effect that her climbing adventures has on her family. A special thanks to Meagan's sister, for participating in the interview!

Canada Border Services Agency

15 January 2008

Meagan spoke at a Canada Border Services Agency Lunch and Learn session. Meagan had just returned from Indonesia the day before!

Running Room Marathon Clinic 

3 March 2008

Meagan spoke at a Running Room Marathon Clinic. This was a group of very motivated people, and it was fun to speak with folks who are working toward their own goals! Good luck, Runners!

Sudbury Secondary School 

27 February 2008

Meagan spoke at Sudbury Secondary School in Sudbury, Ontario. This was a fun experience, and a chance to speak with an audience who was quick to laugh, and who had many questions!

The Explorer's Club - The President's Award for Heroism on Mount Everest 

15 March 2008

On March 15, Meagan visited New York City to accept a most humbling honour.  Meagan McGrath was selected to receive “The President’s Award for Heroism on Mt. Everest”, by the Board of Directors of The Explorers Club. This Explorers Club Citation is granted to an individual or group in recognition of an outstanding feat of exploration or service to The Explorers Club.

International Woman's Day 

6 March 2008

​Meagan spoke at the International Woman's Day in Trenton, Ontario. There were many amazing women at this event, it was a privilege to be invited to speak among them.

Science North  

10 April 2008

Meagan spoke at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario, and shared her experience of the Marathon des Sables with her hometown.

Marathon des Sables - Success!

26 March - 7 April 2008

Meagan has completed "The 23rd Edition of the Marathon des Sables"! Held in the hot sands of the Moroccan Sahara Desert, Meagan along with 802 other participants, made her way across 245.3km of rocky terrain and sand dunes. For 7-days, she carried everything she needed (apart from a tent) on her back.

Cystic Fibrosis Breakfast of Champions 

22 April 2008

Upon her return from the Marathon des Sables, Meagan McGrath was invited to the annual Cystic Fibrosis Breakfast of Champions featuring major local sports stars and emceed by a well-known local personality. It is always well attended and raises funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


5 November 2008

Meagan spoke at the Trailhead for The Adventure Travel Company in Ottawa, Ontario. Meagan shared her story of the trek to Everest Basecamp, and the climb to the top of the world!

Kilimanjaro & Safari - August 2008

9-25 August 2008

Kilimanjaro and Safari August 2008 A Success! Not only did all 7 of the climbers who attempted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro succeed - we were all super fast and strong! Well done team! In addition to our climbing success, the tour agent, TourCan (out of Toronto, Canada) successfully arranged a proper donation to a local children's trust. We donated wooden desks and a significant amount of funds for supplies to a school - many on the climbing team also donated supplies they had brought from home. A wonderful trip, where friendships were made and memories of laughter and adventure will remain with us for a long time to come!!

Nepal Mountaineering Association

29 May 2008

On 1 November 2007, Meagan was honoured in abstentia for her efforts to help a Nepali climber from a dangerous situation on Mount Everest. Meagan was unable to travel to Nepal at the time of the ceremony, but was able to visit Nepal in May 2008 to receive this special honour from the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

CF Running Nationals Dinner

23 May 2008

Meagan spoke at the CF Running Nationals Dinner in Ottawa, Ontario. Meagan shared her story of running through the desert - hopefully adding to the pre-race excitement!

Women of the Future Conference

21 May 2008

Meagan spoke at the Women of the Future Conference in Sudbury, ON. An exceptional event, where young women from Sudbury were introduced to all sorts of interesting career paths! Meagan was invited to share her experiences of being in the Canadian Forces and being a mountain climber.

Safety Solutions Conference and Trade Show

30 September & 1 October 2008 

Meagan spoke at the Safety Solutions Conference and Trade Show in Sudbury, Ontario. Meagan shared her observations of the "new" workplace and how to achieve the best results from employees in today's work environment, and she shared the lessons she's learned from her experience of climbing the Seven Summits.

Sudbury Rocks! Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes

3 May 2008

Meagan spoke at the "Sudbury ROCKS!" Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes in Sudbury, Ontario. This was a fun event, where Meagan got to share a bit of what motivates her with an audience preparing to take on their own challenges!

Ottawa Orthotic Lab

18 December 2008

Many thanks go out to the Ottawa Orthotic Lab. Their strong support is helping make this Canadian First - solo to to the South Pole - a reality!! To find out more about the Ottawa Orthotic Lab, please visit:

News (2008)

7 Systems

23 December 2008

Meagan is now sponsored by "7 Systems"!! Normally, I'm not one to take supplements or vitamins, but when I tried 7 Systems, I knew I had found something pretty amazing! Many thanks go out to 7 Systems for their support in helping me be nutritionally prepared for the difficult physical challenge of the "Year in the Life" project. To find out more about 7 Systems, please visit: